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HVAC Diamond Club Membership

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The heating and air conditioning systems in your home are finely tuned machines. Like all machines, they also need tune-ups and checkups. The Diamond Club for your system will help keep your heating or air conditioning system running like they are supposed to.

Contact our Amarillo plumbing team today at (806) 374-4357 for more information about the Diamond Club. We proudly service Amarillo, Canyon, Pampa, and Borger.

The Benefits of Our Program

Our Diamond Club benefits include:

  • Value-Rate – Discounted pricing on ALL services, on any property you own.
  • No After Hours or Holiday Fees – Our experts are committed to making things as stress-free as possible for you during your time of need.
  • Priority scheduling – When you call you always go to the top of the list, above non Service Agreement customers
  • Free Seasonal System Inspection – We will help identify potential problems in your Heater or Air Conditioner before they become major headaches.

What Our Program Covers

Every home has a different plumbing system and unique needs. However, throughout our 65 years of experience, we have learned what to look for and found that most plumbing systems require many of the same routine services.

With the Diamond Club, our technicians will:

HVAC Diamond Club Membership

Gas Furnace

  • Clean burners and adjust automatic controls
  • Adjust combustion for optimum fuel efficiency
  • Lubricate furnace parts
  • Test for leaks and test safety shutoffs
  • Check blower belt for wear and check tension and alignment
  • Replace air filters
  • Check flue for satisfactory operation

Air Conditioner

  • Check and clean condenser coils
  • Check electrical connections
  • Assess system’s cooling performance
  • Check for leaks of oil or refrigerant
  • Check safety devices
  • Replace air filters
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Lubricate any parts
  • Check expansion valve and coil temperatures

Heat Pump

  • Lubricate heater pump parts, if necessary
  • Check unit’s defrost cycle
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check refrigerant levels and controls
  • Replace air filters
  • Check condensate drains
  • Asses safety devices
  • Check blower belt for wear, tension, and alignment
  • Check for oil and refrigerant leaks
  • Test electrical controls
  • Check coil temperatures
  • Adjust air volume if needed

To learn more about The Diamond Club and how it can benefit your home, reach out to us today at (806) 374-4357.

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