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If you have a burst or leaking pipe that is located under your home’s foundation, there are two primary ways of going about plumbing repairs: through-slab or under-slab. Through-slab is the traditional method of drain line repairs, which involves cutting the foundation or excavating the area to expose the damaged pipes. Under-slab repairs or tunnel drain repairs, on the other hand, is a less intrusive technique to solve sewer line issues. This method is the more preferred option by many homeowners, especially when replacing collapsed or severely damaged pipelines because it preserves their yard or concrete flooring. However, tunnel repairs require a significant amount of expertise, and you should make sure you hire a well-respected team in the Texas Panhandle area like Frank’s Repair Plumbing, Inc.

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Benefits of Tunnel Drain Method

Whether the damage is caused by tree roots or by a sewer blockage, a tunnel excavation may be the best plumbing choice for your home. Frank’s Repair Plumbing, Inc. uses a state-of-the-art process of excavating and backfilling tunnels. This process reduces the time spent to excavate, repair, and backfill, thus getting you back to normal faster!

A tunnel excavation has particular benefits over traditional methods including:

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  • Tunnel drain repairs cause minimal damage to the flooring of your home or business

  • The tunnel method avoids the need to cut through the concrete slab foundation to reach the drain

  • Tunnel drain repairs fix the problem while minimizing cost and damage to your property

  • Tunnel drain repairs are typically less expensive than breaking through the concrete slab and repairing it after

Expert Solutions for Sewer & Drain Repairs

To avoid additional costs, make sure an expert excavates a tunnel for your plumbing needs. A clumsy job can result in more structural damage to your home or foundation. It can be a hassle to think about your best option for drain repair. Don’t navigate the decisions alone––be educated on all the possibilities, so you can save money initially and in the long run.


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