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If you’re facing a plumbing emergency with an overflowing or clogged toilet, act quickly by calling Frank’s Repair Plumbing, Inc.. Our decades of experience providing services in the plumbing industry allow us to promptly and accurately diagnose your toilet problems. Whether there is a broken or loose component or even if it’s time to replace the entire toilet unit, you can count on our professional plumbers. We can also provide a thorough inspection of your sewer line in case your toilet is presenting a more severe problem. Our team will use sewer cameras to detect the exact problem areas in the sewer line and address them accordingly.

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Common Toilet Problems

If a toilet problem is left unattended, it can lead to long-term damage. Flooding or mold can result in hefty and unanticipated costs. To avoid having to pay for damaged flooring or water-soaked sheetrock, take proactive steps in getting toilet problems checked immediately.

Our team knows how to fix all kinds of toilet problems, including:

  • Broken toilet flapper

  • Blocked valve

  • Cracks in the toilet seat or base

  • Loose toilet-seat bolts

  • Clogged toilet bowl

  • Leaks in the toilet

  • Old mechanical parts

How Long is a Toilet's Lifespan?

On average, a toilet’s lifespan can last upwards to 50 years. Typically, homeowners tend to replace their toilets around year 25. If you want to ensure your toilet lasts the full 25-50 years, it is important to have regular maintenance done. Components within the toilet, like the flapper, will deteriorate and need replacing. When a toilet is old, it also may be more cost effective to replace the toilet because newer toilets use less water than older ones.

When to Replace a Toilet

Most toilet units have a long lifespan. However, if your toilet is needing repairs frequently or has a visible crack on the porcelain, you may want to consider a replacement. Conserving water and saving on utility bills are also good reasons to replace a toilet as many of today’s toilets have water-conserving features.

When choosing a new toilet, consider the following:

  • Toilet type – You have many options when it comes to the type of toilet you want. From one-piece or two-piece toilets to elongated or round bowls to the variety of porcelain colors, you can surely find a toilet that matches your personal preference and aesthetics.
  • Flushing power – Since you will be using your toilet for decades, a strong flushing performance is crucial. Every brand of toilet boasts of different flushing power and we can help you compare one from the other to find the best toilet for your needs.
  • Water efficiency options – Do you know that the toilet accounts for 30% of your water bill? Switching to a low-flow toilet can help reduce your water consumption, saving you up 40,000 gallons of water throughout the toilet’s lifespan.
  • Additional features and amenities – Modern toilets offer a wide array of advanced features and helpful amenities including heated seats, lighted bowls, and retrofitted bidets. Our licensed plumbers can help you find one for ultimate comfort and convenience.

Whether you need toilet repair, replacement, or new installation, trust our plumbing experts for a job well done. Frank’s Repair Plumbing, Inc. has been serving the Texas Panhandle area for 70 years, and we’ve established our presence as a top-notch plumbing company.

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