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Water Filtration

Discover What a Flow-Tech System Can Do for You!

A water filtration system can significantly reduce or even remove impurities that may be making their way into your home’s water supply. There are multiple systems to filter water depending on your needs, including ones that filter at the point of entry, before it goes to your whole home, or ones that filter from a specific outlet, before it gets used for drinking, cleaning, bathing, etc.

At Frank’s Repair Plumbing, our Amarillo plumbing experts offer the top-of-the-line Flow-Tech Home MAX Anti-Scale water filtration system from Plumber’s Choice Water. Keep reading to learn more about what a Flow-Tech filtration system can do for you, and contact Frank’s for all your plumbing-related needs today!

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Why Consider Water Filtration?

Municipal water is treated with various chemicals to make it safer for consumption. While these chemicals and the by-products they generate are mostly harmless, they can irritate the skin, often have an unpleasant taste, and are better removed before drinking. Filtering water reduces impurities, giving you convenient, better-tasting water that you will want to drink all the time. The more water you drink, the better your health is likely to be, and with a professionally installed water filtration system, you’re sure to save a fortune on bottled water as well.

There’s also the benefit a water filtration system can have on your home. The chemicals used to treat municipal water can be extremely hard on your plumbing, even causing pinhole leaks overtime. Ultimately, for the happiness of your family and the overall comfort level in your house, reducing impurities in your water through filtration is one of the best choices you can make.

All About the Flow-Tech Anti-Scale System

While traditional water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions from your water through the exchange of sodium ions, or potassium, the Flow-Tech Home anti-scale system works a little differently. By producing a low frequency electromagnetic signal that pulses thousands of times per second, spreading throughout your entire plumbing network, the Flow-Tech system is able to reverse the charge of the minerals being dissolved in your water. This reversal allows the minerals to stay in suspension, rather than falling out, as they would when passing through a water heater. The suspended minerals then go through the system and flow down the drain.

Flow-Tech home systems are maintenance free, and extremely eco-friendly. There’s no backflush required when using the Flow-Tech system, so water is not wasted, and it also leaves no salty discharge in the sewer system.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Flow-Tech Water Filtration System include:

  • You spend less money on soap and detergent (because water quality is better)
  • You spend less money on plumbing costs, as system doesn’t use salt or chemicals
  • You spend less money on bottled water, as your home water tastes better
  • Your appliances and fixtures last longer
  • Existing scale buildup is removed
  • Your water appliances become more energy efficient
  • It saves space
  • It’s environmentally friendly and healthy
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • No maintenance is necessary
  • No drain or wasted water

We Also Offer Point of Use Filters

While point of entry water filters treat your whole home’s water supply, point of use systems treat water at the specific point it is coming out, i.e. where it is being used. Typically, these are installed under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom. Some people choose to install both whole-home water filtration and point of use systems, in an effort to maximize the purity and drinkability of their water as much as possible.

You may want to consider a point of use filtration system because:

  • They provide a constant supply of delicious water right at your sink
  • They are great for people with shared water mains or in rental properties, where water quality may not be as high
  • They remove bad tastes and odors by reducing chlorine, chloramines, and carbon based organic compounds, including pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents put in tap water
  • They enhance the flavor of food and water-mixed beverages
  • They save you money on bottled water and new plumbing equipment
  • They reduce waste tied to plastic bottles
  • Their block carbon filters function at an even higher level than the ones in whole-home systems
  • The filters can last a year or more—especially when combined with a whole-house system!
  • We offer annual service agreements to insure your water remains at it’s very best!

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